Submitting of Proposals module

€4,600 / license

Total: €4,600


Competition proposal submission is a critical feature. Participants may invest a vast amount of effort on creation of their entries. Information receiving system must be secure, reliable, anonymity able and easy to operate. 

Our cloud service portal for proposal submission is an easy to understand, informative and secure web page where participants can leave in their entries gradually document by document until the submission deadline automatically registers the submitted content. This approach allows incremental updates to the already uploaded content until the deadline giving the peace of mind for the participants of having at least the first versions already set for submission well before the deadline.

Easy to use interface includes for example:

  • High anonymity logic of proposal author
  • Live clock running for the deadline.
  • Visual submission content form
  • Action feedback
  • Submission certificate
  • Submission history

NOTE! Requires purchase of a data module.