Competition Website

€2,800.00 – €6,800.00 / project

Total: €2,800


A proper competition deserves a dedicated website gathering the relevant information and advertising the challenge. Well designed site is easy and pleasant to use and thus serves the needs of both participants and the organiser. 

Standard web site version delivers the core information of competition purpose, timeline, rules, materials and up to date competition status news section. It also acts as the platform or link to the possible extra features like Questions & Answers section, Submission portal and 3D city model interface.

Competition website standard version includes following features on a fast cloud infrastructure and responsive design:

  • Main page gathering all relevant key information of the competition
  • Downloads section gathering all competition materials for quick and easy pickup
  • Q&A section for questions and answers (turn around process for customer)
  • Submit page with countdown timer for returning of the proposals (requires Tool / Submit module) 
  • Gallery page for public citizen evaluation and commenting of the proposals (requires Tool / Gallery & Commenting module) 
  • Awards page for announcing the winners

  • optional modules:

  • 3D city model interface.

Tailored web site solution gets you one step further by involving customised visual style to match the site to the brand of you organisation and/ or competition based on a modified chosen template design.

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