Data management module Large

€14,400 / license

Total: €14,400


Centralised data management is the obvious core of the Competition Cloud service. Every project needs this data module to be able to process all the data involved in a competition.

Powerful visual engine as direct part of the data core enables fast and smooth browsing of gigabytes of pre-optimised visual data on standard browsers. This fluency makes the difference to PDF based workflows where file browsing and opening may take tens or hundreds of times more on each proposal board.

Data Management module is responsible for example:

  • Managing the user access and user rights
  • Displaying the visual content, list views and table views
  • Storing the filtering and rating data, notes, description and review text
  • Managing the multi-screen use scenarios
  • Providing the necessary data context for add-on modules
Competition stages One phase; Two phases
Access type Open; Invitational
Proposal boards per single entry up to 12
Amount of entries up to 1,000
Amount of organisation users up to 100
Competition scope Implementation as an invitational competition; Implementation as a site handover competition; For example, public buildings: museums, libraries etc.; Usually an open, international competition; May also be an invitational competition, e.g. new head office; City districts, for example; Regional solutions