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Tietoa Finland Oy - the creator of Competition Cloud - is a forerunner of digital construction and design practices. We make the top standard of building and urban design competitions available to every organiser.

Tomas Westerholm, CTO, Architect
+358 50 514 3390

Ilkka Terho, Customer Director
+358 40 506 9133

Marko Rajala

CEO, Partner
+358 40 556 6654

Captain of Tietoa Finland Ltd, the BIM advisor and solution provider for design, construction and facility owning & management sectors. The other founder of Tietoa.

Arttu Hyttinen

Art Director, Partner
+358 45 679 0861

Art director and relentless commander of quality. The other founder of Tietoa and pioneer of architectural visualisation in Nordics since the last millennium.

Tomas Westerholm

CTO, Partner
+358 50 5143390

Architect and software developer. Combining novel ideas into visual applications. Managing the Competition Cloud business development.

Ilkka Terho

Customer Director
+358 40 506 9133

Former cosmopolitan design director, today senior B2B sales executive. Ask him about sauna and you will find yourself in one getting a lecture and heat for good.

Heta Ehavald

Administrative Coordinator
+358 40 579 0651

Every business needs some order and so do competitions. Let us help you to mange yours by timely planning and friendly check ups.

Sami Niskanen

IT manager
+358 40 749 2225

High availability of Competition Cloud service happens on multiple technical layers. The nearest to us is Sami, caring from on-site to cloud.

Tom Kraappa

New Business Scandinavia
+358 44 528 5583

Smooth operator listening to you. Tom quickly cooks a stunning competition setup with your team and delivers complete competition service to you.

Jaakko Hauru

Head of Applied BIM
+358 46 878 3495

Competitions of real world locations need proper initial data. Jaakko's unit masters the acquisition and refinery of applied BIM and city models of all size of competitions.

Miika Lemponen

Head of BIM
+358 50 408 1040

Happy to reap the benefits of BIM on your next competition? Miika's unit will guide you to choose the optimal setup based on your dedicated needs.

Olli Pääkkönen

Head of Visualisation
+358 40 845 9159

Re-imagined approach to 3D working on competitions. Everything from pre-defined and pre-produced perspective rendering templates to full blown virtual reality on cloud.

Kiet Nguyen

Head of Applications
+358 40 771 2991

Leading the development of modular Competition Cloud platform on Google Cloud and Vercel using React and NextJS. Kiet oversees the big picture and pays attention to details of high quality user experience as well.