CC for the participating architects & teams

Easy to use, 24/7 secure online access and well prepared materials for a quick jump start on all size of competitions make the platform attractive choice also for the participants

The most common challenges of the participating architects & teams on design competitions

  • Participation may seem questionable due to a lack of equal opportunities for evaluation.
  • Producing quantitative material takes time away from the planning of the competition work itself.
  • It can take time to get feedback, and reviewing it thematically can be challenging.
  • The possibility of maintaining anonymity during the comparative evaluation raises questions.
  • The competition going over schedule can make things messy.

Competition Cloud will address the above mentioned challenges and the cloud-based solution brings reliability to the secure storage of proposals, comments, evaluations, and other competition-related information. The anonymity of participants is maintained at the stages that require it. The competition meets the requirements of the Procurement Act.

Easy to use 24/7 online

Single point of access to participate.

Browser based applications.

Optional 3D model features.

High quality materials*

Source CAD data for participants in native formats.

*Competition organiser may invest into creation of high quality initial data.

3D model platform*

Digital scale model embed in 3D city model.

*Competition organiser may invest into 3D model platform for the participants to utilise.



Photogrammetric competition area 3D city blocks.

*Competition organiser may invest into acquisition of photogrammetric source data of existing environment.


Preset templates*

Pre-defined perspective image guidance & materials.

*Competition organiser may invest into creation of preset CAD and visualisation templates for the participants to utilise.


Competition website

Main page for general notifications and competition steps & schedule.

Materials distribution

Competition programme and other downloadable files like maps, 3D, CAD, BIM, photos, videos and reports.

Site explorer

Displaying the competition site photos. Can be optionally replaced by advanced site presentations.

Questions & answers

Participants can post questions and they will be answered on given date.

Submitting proposals

Time remaining clearly shown, anonymity secured, timestamps reported.

Participants can supplement their proposals until deadline.

Anonymous ID-code possible.


Clarity on submission

Clear indication of already sent content and still missing content.

Option to update materials until the deadline.

Sent receipt

PDF receipt verification for participants for successfully updated and sent proposals.

No need to expose emails.

Public commenting

Optional public viewing and commenting of all proposals after the submission deadline (organiser's call).

Built in public commenting per proposal also visible for judging system users (judges).


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